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Boardroom Tables

boardroom tables cape town

Elegant Boardroom Tables

Choose from our wide selection of boardroom furniture. Tops are made in 28mm melawood with 2mm impact edging.Solid panel legs with adjustable levelling screws.Tops are profiled and can be clustered.Credenzas can be roller door or sliding door with lock.Pedestals can be suspended or desk high, top drawer lock.
Quality boardroom furniture is essential and here is why? The conference room or boardroom if you prefer is one of the most important rooms in the office. This is the place where clients come to discuss projects with you and big business decisions are made. It’s no rocket science why investing in proper boardroom furniture is of great importance.
The heart of many offices is the boardroom. This is part of the workspace in which executives, management and employees discuss important issues and often where visitors, as well as potential clients and partners, will meet. It is for these reasons it is very important that careful planning and furnishing of your boardroom furniture is done in a professional manner to reflect your business values and corporate image.

Boardroom Furniture For Visionary Businesses

Boardroom tables are the primary focal point in the meeting room.
It is very important to define the message you want your boardroom to say to your visitors, whether it be to new clients or partners. Most people would agree that this should be a space which reflects on your business and the character and drive by the business. Because of the primary function the boardroom table plays in the meeting room it should be considered as an instrumental part of office furniture essential to portray the right corporate image for your business.
One thing is certain; the boardroom table should be high quality and have a flair of elegance. In order to reflect the best appearance of your business the boardroom table needs to be clean, well-built and durable. This type of commitment in your boardroom image shows that the company is serious, hard-working and well developed. At The William Office Furniture all of our boardroom tables are built to a high standard with quality materials and manufacturing.
Other factors to consider when buying a boardroom table for your business can be described by answering the following simple questions; How many people will you seat at the most? How often do you use it? Is the conference space often used for other events? Do you require the ability to combine the table with technology?
All these questions are important points to consider. Each office is unique in terms of space size, branding colours and you want to reflect that in your boardroom.
Buying boardroom tables and office furniture cape town has never been easier, our commercial office furniture installation team will assist you with delivery and installation of your boardroom furniture. Contact us today for a friendly service and space planning advice.

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