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Desk Based Screen

desk based screen

Affordable Top Quality Desk Based Screen




Desk based screens description

Our desk based screen is available in three options:
• Enclose - 32mm
• Compose - 24mm
• Duo - 19mm

Enclose screens have the option of having an open or closed top cap.

Screens can be customized using different fabrics, Perspex, glass, decorative metal panels and white board, straight or curved. They are also available in natural anodised aluminium or white frames.

We supply a variety of desk brackets, which cater for most desk-mounting applications.See other office furniture products for sale below in addition to our desk based screen range.




The William Office Furniture can help you with all your office custom furnishing requirements, our company is flexible and can help you co-ordinate the right office furniture for your office interior design. When helping our customers choose the right office furniture we take into consideration the following important factors:

  •   Office space size
  • Your business branding colors -Furniture to match with walls and branding
  • Comfort-very important in working environment
  • Inspiration-Studies show that the way an image outlook has a direct influence over the employees in a working environment. We will help you choose office furniture that will bring life and inspiration in your office space, thus increasing focus and productivity in the working environment.

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desk based screen


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