Modern Office furniture in the working environment has become a lot more user-friendly. A unique invention, called a sit- stand, allows for greater flexibility by giving the user the ability to go from a sitting position to a standing one. An employee has the ability to stand up while on the phone with a customer simply by pressing a lever under the work surface, which allows the whole surface to rise with him. This is just one of the examples of unique modern office furniture designs that are available at The William Office Furniture Group Pty (Ltd).


The on-going trend is open environment, it used to be that everyone had their own cubicle, but now it's more common to work in twos or fours with a shared conference table. Many of the new quality modern office furniture designs feature a quarter of a round table for each of four persons, which can be pushed together to make a round conference table. With so many choices of office furniture for sale, you need a company like The William Office Furniture Group to provide you with creative ideas for your office workspace.


Alternative quality office furniture design is all about creating an environment that enhances the ability of an employee to work smarter. Communication is important. Talk to us today for assistance and we'll help you transform your office /workspace into an inspirational asset of your company using our elegant selection of modern office furniture for sale.If you are looking for modern office furniture for sale,contact us for a free non obligation quotation.You can also take advantage of our free interior design advice service exclusive to all our new customers and our value added commercial business furniture installation solution.Click here to view our  modern office furniture products cataloque.


Explore our admin desks,reception counters,boardroom tables,workstation desks and our office seating chairs range that come in a wide variety of tasks to match your desk, and computer seating models. Contact us today to learn more about our modern office furniture products we have to offer for your office space of any size. We have hand picked the best office furniture stylish pieces for any work-space  working arrangement by task.

Why Quality Office Furniture Is Important For Your Business?

 Quality in Cape Town Office Furniture a must.Have you at any point considered how important it is are  the background parts of your business operations in changing how your organization performs? The correct quality office furniture, for example, can make the correct sort of condition that can have an extraordinary effect to your business' efficiency.
Lift Employees' Motivation and Productivity
Workers in an office loaded with dull, sub-par, and awkward furniture will never be spurred to play out; their profitability will be brought down and your general overall revenue will be influenced. In any case, having quality furniture that is agreeable, utilitarian and upscale can have a significant effect: it can make your office feel more positive and rousing.
Better Organization
Quality office furniture can essentially enhance association over your business. Everything will be the place they ought to be and the greater part of your office space will be plainly and incredibly characterized. Quality furniture that is accurately situated can enhance the work process and association in your office regardless of the span of your office.
The Right Image
You have to depict the correct picture to your clients, and like your representatives, on the off chance that they stroll into your office and discover furniture that isn't fit for their motivation, your business won't be found in great light. To make the correct impression, slick furniture that meets their useful prerequisites is an absolute necessity. This is considerably more huge in the official field—official office furniture ought to have more effect and ought to demonstrate your customers that your business is without a doubt a constrain to be figured with.
Meet Health and Safety Guidelines
On the off chance that you need to meet the legitimate Health and Safety commitments, you have to investigate your office furniture. You have an obligation to take great care of your representatives, yet in the event that they sit in awkward seats or work on awkward office work areas for 8 hours, they will effectively create medical problems. Picking quality and ergonomically-solid furniture that meets the wellbeing and security rules will converts into a more gainful and upbeat workforce.
Main concern
Great Cape Town Office furniture makes your office exceptional and is useful for business—it's that straightforward! It makes an inviting situation for your workers and depicts the correct picture to your customers, both of which measurably affect your business achievement and general main concern.
The William Office Furniture supplies quality furniture to businesses and organizations in Cape Town, Western Cape and Gauteng. We offer quality office furniture, from seating, reception, boardroom, workstations to filing, steel furniture, coffee tables and soft seating.
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Essential Office Furniture
desk based screen

Affordable Top Quality Desk Based Screen




Desk based screens description

Our desk based screen is available in three options:
• Enclose - 32mm
• Compose - 24mm
• Duo - 19mm

Enclose screens have the option of having an open or closed top cap.

Screens can be customized using different fabrics, Perspex, glass, decorative metal panels and white board, straight or curved. They are also available in natural anodised aluminium or white frames.

We supply a variety of desk brackets, which cater for most desk-mounting applications.See other office furniture products for sale below in addition to our desk based screen range.




The William Office Furniture can help you with all your office custom furnishing requirements, our company is flexible and can help you co-ordinate the right office furniture for your office interior design. When helping our customers choose the right office furniture we take into consideration the following important factors:

  •   Office space size
  • Your business branding colors -Furniture to match with walls and branding
  • Comfort-very important in working environment
  • Inspiration-Studies show that the way an image outlook has a direct influence over the employees in a working environment. We will help you choose office furniture that will bring life and inspiration in your office space, thus increasing focus and productivity in the working environment.

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Tel:021 554 3479 / 076 454 5919

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desk based screen


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Office Furniture Western Cape

Office Furniture Western Cape Supplier

We make it easy to design the perfect working environment through our vast supply of office furniture western cape.We cannot deny the important role that workspace furnishings plays in increasing productivity, focus and the quality of work we produce.

The workplace is every worker second home and so creating an inspirational working enviroment by choosing from our collection of working desk,workspace chairs,boardroom tables,boardroom chairs,executive seating,typist seating,filing and storage,reception counters and desks and anything else that has to do with workspace furniture including accessories and electrical power reticulation. We simply know how to supply the right workspace furnishings which is paramount to providing an environment in which the staff is inspired do their best.Contact us today or Call 021 554 3479.

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Good Office furniture cape town for user friendly office space

Get Instant advise for your workplace furnishing project and shop from our hand picked selection of good office furnuture cape town

Trending Office Soulutions

Good office furniture Cape Town As a leading supplier, our company brings everything in your workplace together: invigorating productive people, innovating work environments and inspiring ideas that tell your brand story.Good Office furniture  cape town needs of the place of business today has evolved. The workplace environment keeps on developing, from customary cell workplaces, through the open arrangement styling of the late twentieth century and, with the expanding pace of innovative change, the workplace workstation has now turned out to be both more improved and more enhanced.

We can help you too transform your workspace into an inspirational asset that motivates your workers to be more productive in their daily tasks and thus improve profitability in your business furniture. Get the right workspace furnishing items today. For workspace furnishings Contact us at 021 554 3479  for best prices on Good Office Furniture Cape Town.

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