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The William Office Furniture Group Pty (Ltd) is a family company with 30 years’ experience, who are passionate about innovation and excellence as well as our furniture. We are a specialist Office Furniture Cape Town  Manufacturer.

We believe that every organisation is dynamic, involved in a process of continual change. This affects the way people work and manage their lives. As a result we set ourselves a straight forward challenge: not just to create and supply the best office furniture, but to deliver real solutions, to encourage new ways of working and to support your organisation - in every sense - towards a better workspace

The design philosophy of The William Office Furniture is not solely based on producing new furniture and seating. Rather it is focussed on emphasising the importance of these products on the well-being of everyone within the workplace, to boost an organisation's ability to innovate and thrive and to create workplaces of the future.


Beautiful, Healthy & Productive Workplace Solutions

Top quality Office furniture products manufactured by The William Office Furniture create beautiful workspaces that uplift the wellbeing & performance of people and business.

Through interaction and collaboration ideas are born. Our products & solutions encourage interaction and collaboration, allowing your employees to be more happy and productive distinguishing ourselves as a leading office furniture manufacturer.

Our furniture designs inspire your employees and help bring your Company's ideas to life by encouraging spontaneous meetings and discussions through bench-style and standing desks, social areas & open lounge seating.

When people feel better — they work better! Inspire and stimulate your employees by getting rid of cubicles and other barriers to interaction.

Every piece of office furniture we design and manufacture is based on meeting the dynamic needs of the modern workplace environment. Our design solutions make it possible for us to deliver a perfect office furniture solution that meets and improves the working environment efficiency by bringing comfort and inspiration in the workplace.


Desking SeatingStorage Meeting tables| Reception | Filing

The William Office Furniture is a leading office furniture manufacturer. We furnish every office area, including receptions, workstations, cellular offices, conference rooms, breakout zones and boardrooms. Our furniture portfolio incorporates workstations, seating, reception counters, breakout and dining furniture, fitted storage and fitted furniture for washrooms and tea points.

We can design and manufacture solutions in-house for when nothing fits the bill, or for that extra ‘wow’ factor.
Appearance and functionality are both important when choosing your workstations. They need to integrate with IT systems and meet ergonomic requirements. You will need to consider the configurability of the furniture and whether you will be using the workstations in a cluster or separately.

Your business will change, develop and evolve and you may find you need a system that can be easily reconfigured to help you adapt to fresh business demands.We design and manufacture reception counters, washrooms and fitted storage

We also manufacture all our fitted storage – Storage Walls are space efficient and can double up as room dividers between departments.


Our Services

| Space design and consulting
| In-house installations
| Guaranteed warranties
| A wide range of office furniture across all price ranges
| In-house installations
| Safe & secure purchases and deliveries

We strive to make your job easier, as a prominent office furniture manufacturer our goal is to meet your office furniture needs. Our people, systems, and programs are dedicated to helping you get your workplaces up and running and keep them running smoothly.

All of us at The William are empowered and encouraged to go above and beyond your expectations. It is part of our culture


We always strive to supply furniture as per the original for as long as possible. Our products are delivered against the highest design and quality control standards.

Our staff is well trained and always ready to assist with new orders, product enquiries and tracking of deliveries to your door step. When you call our office there is always someone to answer your call.
We have an experienced installation crew who are friendly, knowledgeable, and like many of our staff, have been with us for a long time.

We believe in and value long term relationships with our customers, our staff, and suppliers




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