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Merryfair ergonomic chairs

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Merryfair Flux Ergonomic Chair

Merryfair Flux ergonomic chair with height adjustable headrest with a 45mm height range. Available in black.

Merryfair Fulkrum Ergonomic Chair

Merryfair Fulkrum Ergonomic Chair with Height adjustable headrest with a 40 degree tilt. Available in black.

Merryfair Spinelly Ergonomic Chair

Merryfair Spinelly Ergo Chair with Backres, Height-adjustable lumbar support and Height Adjustable Armrest.

Merryfair Tune Ergo Chair

Merryfair Tune Ergo Chair with a sleek height adjustable headrest with freetilting support.

Merryfair Wau Ergo Upholstered Chair

Merryfair Wau Ergo Upholstered Chair with height adjustable headrest and mesh backrest and upholstered seat.