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High density filing products

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1A-High density filing system

Explore the high density filing system range, all you need for your office filing requirements. View available options for this product below.

1C 110 wire rack

Wire rack is a support system for lever arch files and lateral suspended files.

IC 100/IC 101shelf

Storage of box files-lever arch storage of archive boxes , general stationery and front retrieval files.

IC 103 pull out drawer

IC 103 pull out drawer-Pull out drawers are used for containerized top retrieval filing

IC 106  suspended cradle

IC 106  suspended cradle-suspended cradle are not a pull out component and are used for suspended front retrieval files.



1S1F metal mobile pedestal 520(d) x 400(w) x 605(h)

SU 100 Open shelving units

2200(h) x 914(w) x 400(d) freestanding metal shelving units.