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Power reticulation

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01-Cable Vertebrae

Cable Vertebrae The Cable Vertebrae is an efficient cable management system with oval formed spine segments ovailable in Grey, Black and Opaque.

01-Cable Zip Bag

Cable Zip Bag The Cable Zip Bag is capable of segregating the power and data cables while still allowing a aesthetic and


Cables These include a full range of input (infeed) power cables supplied with moulded plug topnotch and a feminine connection (or hardwired


Cube The cube range features cables, connectors and distribution block with integrated locking devices approved according to IEC 61535: 2010 & EN60320.

01-Cube Electric

Cube Electric The cube electric comes in a premium aluminium finish with a mechanized delicate touch button, while the DATA and AV

01-Horizontal Power Dock

Horizontal Power Dock Mounted within the work surface, the Horizontal Power Dock tilts up, exposing the sockets and peripherals to the surface.

Horizontal Power Dock


Oblique The Oblique range is a modular electrical power outlet system available in 2 or 4 outlet configurations, manufactured from high grade


Punto The Punto range is a complementary addition to any desktop. The unit is just placed during a pre-cut hole and fixed


Rotadock The Rotadock is rotated open by hand, and options an innovative lockup mechanism to secure the unit in each the open

01-Slimline Iris

Slimline Iris The Slimline Iris units are robustly made from metal and engineering plastics consistent with strict international standards, while still holding

01-Slimline Omega

Slimline Omega The Slimline Omega in desk units are robustly made from Al and engineering plastics in step with strict international standards,


Slinky The Slinky is an efficient cable management solution  available in traditional Grey, Black and Opaque.