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01-Anello Managerial_Monument Oak

Anello Managerial_Monument Oak is the smart choice for managers and business owners, it is an exclusive collection of the Lifestyle range.

01-Modern_Scarlett Reception_Monument Oak

Modern_Scarlett Reception_Monument Oak is a reception statement not to be forgotten, beautifully crafted with an elegant touch of oak finishes to bring a welcoming warmth and a great look in the office space, it is an exclusive collection of the Lifestyle range.

01-Show stopper/Neo range

Features: 32mm Standard Melamine Tops, Desk: 2000 X 900 and L Combination 2000 X 500.

Pod product structure

The pod aluminum benching systems cable management feature makes it easy to distribute and connect power and data to workstations.

Trileg managerial workstation

Trileg benching systems provide innovative solutions, with efficient space saving unlimited possibilities, aesthetic look and a user-friendly functionality.