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Power reticulation

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Power Gemin

Power Gemin This is the concept of a power tower to the next level with the new Gemini unit. It features a

Power Omega

Power Omega This modular aluminium-based workstation power outlet system, allows the user to customise according to the number of power, voice /data,

Power One-touch

Power One-touch The One-Touch has been engineered to operate smoothly, silently and swiftly, driven by a powerful precision German motor, requiring just

Power powerdock commercial

Power powerdock commercial The Powerdock Corporate is an in-desk mounted power unit that features a wide variety of data, voice and power

Power powerdock commercial

Power powerdock commercial The Alpha products are as wide and varied as your imagination. The sleek, minimalist styling offers a clean, functional

Power Punto

Power Punto The Punto is a complementary addition to any desktop. It consists of a single power outlet, with a selection of

Power Rotodock

Power Rotodock A new spring system gently locks the unit in place when open or closed, creating a much more reassuring user

Power Slimline

Power Slimline Introducing a brand new range of ultra-compact power supply units, the Slimline family includes four distinctively styled profiles to suit

Power-powerdeck domestic

Power-powerdeck domestic MK 1 The Powerdock Domestic is designed where the quick and easy access to a power unit is needed without