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The core feature of the Kins table is the design of the leg, inspired by nature and the tree shape. The leg supports the structure and the lightness of the shape thanks to the thin profiles. Kins Conference Tables have been designed to bring harmony and charm to meeting rooms, with their finishes enhancing primary colours and blending in the matt finish of the structure.

Melamine tops: Matt, scratch resistant, non-reflective and washable melamine. The 18mm thick desktop decreases up to 10mm on the outer edge. Sides have a 1,5mm thick ABS edge, matching with the desktop and 1,5mm radius. Glass tops: The extra white glass tops are tempered and 10mm thick; they are painted on the underside, scratchproof and they are satin and finger print proof on the upper surface. Cable management: Cable trays include a flip top lid that can be opened from both sides and has a brush profile for cable entry. There is also intermediate leg(s) with cable management via removable covers.

Size variations1400mm x 1400mm

1600mm x 1400mm

2800mm x 1400mm

3200mm x 1400mm

4200mm x 1400mm

4800mm x 1400mm

5600mm x 1400mm

6400mm x 1400mm


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