Power-powerdeck domestic


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Power-powerdeck domestic

MK 1
The Powerdock Domestic is designed where the quick and easy access to a power unit is needed without the clutter of cables. Can be fixed vertically, horizontally and even inverted. When needed, the unit is simply pulled up by the metal handles. It is easily lowered back into the work surface by pressing the lock release button.
Features MK 1 •Robust aluminium construction •Built-in thermal overload switch rated at 15A •Below surface outlet for under counter appliances •Liquid proof seal (splash protection) •Easy installation
MK 2
The second generation flush mounted Powerdock features a sleek, upgraded design with an innovative gas strut raising mechanism. The unit has selection of 3 international power outlets, a thermal overload switch and an attractive LED illumination ring. To raise, a simply press on the top and the unit is automatically raised into position by the gas strut. To close, push down until the clip-in mechanism locks into place.
Features MK 2 •Easy up gas strut mechanism •Robust aluminium construction •Built-in thermal overload switch rated at 15A •Attractive LED power indicators •Easy installation •Flush mounting
Electrical MK 1 & 2
Operating voltage: 220V – 250V AC @ 50 Hz
Current: 15A
Max power:
3000W @ 220V – 250V AC
Local electrical regulations determine the final electrical rating of the system. For higher current ratings, please consult your distributor directly.
Dimensions MK 1 & 2
Mounting hole diameter 95mm


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