Power Punto


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Power Punto

The Punto is a complementary addition to any desktop. It consists of a single power outlet, with a selection of international standards, and two peripheral connectors – choose from USB, data, RCA, or HDMI ports.

Punto fits a standard 80mm grommet hole, and represents an incredibly efficient use of wasted space – pair it with one of our on-desk units for a comprehensive power and data connectivity system. It is secured in position by means of a locking collar, making installation incredibly quick and easy.

Features •Quick and easy installation – fits standard 80mm grommet hole •Perfect link between below desk and on-desk power systems •Selection of international sockets can be fitted •USB, RCA, HDMI and data options available


Operating voltage: 220V – 250V AC @ 50 Hz

Current: 15A

Max power: 3000W @ 220V – 250V AC

Local electrical regulations determine the final electrical rating of the system. For higher current ratings, please consult your distributor directly.


Mounting hole diameter 80mm


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